Aburi Botanical Gardens’ “Tree of Life”: A Masterpiece of Sculpted Tree in Ghana

This is a sculpted tree from Aburi Botanical Gardens located in Aburi, Ghana. The tree is called the “Tree of Life” and has lived for more than 300 years.

In Ghana, traditional wood carving has been an ancient industry. The wood carving industry in specific parts of the country has provided employment for a large number of people in the design and production of different forms of carved objects and articles such as stool regalia, drums, human figures, animal forms, and entertainment objects.

Like any other industry in Ghana, the wood carving industry has its own prospects and challenges. Key among the challenges include the difficulty in the acquisition of wood due to the ban on tree felling by the Government of Ghana, the high cost of available wood due to the activities of commercial timber loggers and chainsaw operators. The lack of financial support for the wood carving industry as well as the over-reliance on outdated tools, equipment and techniques in the production of artifacts.

So, some artists got creative, even from way back in the days.

Black people are considered to be the most genius people when it comes to artwork. In the ancient world, art was the best way to pass information to the next generation since there were no books or computers to store information.

This sculpted tree in Ghana has some much-hidden information. It’s a sculpted dead tree which is believed to have stood for over 300 years, from Aburi Botanical Gardens located in Aburi, in Ghana.


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