Touching Moment A Rescued Owl Adopts Two Orphaned Chicks

This is the heartwarming story of a rescued tawny owl named luna, who adopted a pair of orphaned chicks after her eggs failed to hatch. The cute encounter was captured by a hidden camera placed there by wildlife artist and major bird enthusiast Robert E Fuller. He placed the orphan chicks with Luna hoping that she would accept them.

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“This means that Luna the Tawny Owl has finally become a mother after a very long wait.” Her eggs failed to hatch this year, and she lost her clutch last year. And the event also brings the owl story full circle because Luna is a rescued owl, raised by other owls here at Fotterdale who fostered her in 2017.

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Luna’s partner, Bomber was overjoyed when he learned he was a father. But Luna made it clear that Bomber was obligated to feed the babies. “The first night Bomber the tawny owls discovers the two rescued chicks that I placed in the nest, he looks pretty excited. 

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When Fuller heard that the chicks needed a home, he immediately stepped up and took care of them. They had fallen out of a stack of straw which would soon be moved. So far, they’re eating well. Just listen to their chirping demands for more food. “I hope to get them back out into the wild as soon as possible.” To keep up with their progress, you can watch a live stream of the owl foster family on Fuller’s YouTube channel.


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